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  • Some Sub-Categories of ads do require a payment. Look for a Note: when that Sub-Category is selected. Payment may also depend on the sale price of your item.
    Questions? See our current Ad Pricing Policies or call our office, (828) 406-0773.
  • We offer photos on your ad to individuals for Free! A business may run an image of their logo online or other photos for a flat $2.00 for the ad's duration.
    Hyperlinks (to your website or Facebook page) are also FREE More info...
  • Ads that require payment will NOT appear without it. Your ad will appear on our website as soon as possible after it is received (along with any payment).
  • Deadline for the current week is noon on Tuesday for ad submission and payment.
  • You can pay ONLINE when you place your ad. You can also pay by phone with your debit or credit card (please have your card ready when you call). We also accept cash and checks.
    • If you mail your payment, please address it to:
      Secondhand News Plus, PO Box 979, West Jefferson, NC 28694.
    • Please note: Be sure to "memo" the phone number used in your classified ad.

To cancel your classified ad, please call our office, (828) 406-0773, or email: Classifieds@SHNPlus.com. Make sure your email includes the phone number used in the classified ad.

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  Secondhand News Plus  Helping Stuff Find Its Forever Home Since 1996!