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Fri, Apr 10.20

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ASHE COUNTY GAMING CLUB, hosted by Rosebud Dining & Bakery, meets three nights a week to “hang out and be social.” Rosebud is located at 102 N. Jefferson Ave., downtown West Jefferson. You’re welcome to bring your own board games, D&D, Magic cards or any other games and come join us. Monday, 4-9 pm, Wednesday, 3-9 pm, and Friday, 5-10 pm. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ashecogamingclub   Feedback

PHIPPS GENERAL STORE MUSIC JAM, Friday nights, 7-10 pm, at 2425 Silas Creek Rd., Lansing, NC. Old-time, bluegrass and mountain music. No charge to get in and coffee is free. A great place to share some tunes or learn some new ones! We do ask pickers to play songs in the public domain. We so appreciate all our friends that visit us and love to meet new folks, so come on out and let’s enjoy some music and fellowship!”   Feedback

FREE BINGO! Every Monday morning from 9-10:30 am. Located in the West Jefferson Ingles cafe. Limited seating. Grocery items and gift cards will be given to winners. For ages 40-100.   Feedback

Fun Things to Do
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